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The textile industry is widely considered the second most destructive industry to the environment after oil.
In 2015, the global textiles industry was responsible for the consumption of 79 billion cubic metres of water, 1 715 million tons of CO2 emissions and 92 million tons of waste. By 2030, these numbers are estimated to increase by at least 50 %.
Recycled bottles
Increasing global plastic pollution problem is for all of us to solve. Klaimet wants to address this issue by using plastic bottles as raw material for our sustainably produced clothes.
Recycled cotton
The rest of our raw materials used in clothes are made from recycled cotton. Thus, the combination of recycled plastic bottles and recycled cotton creates our products made 100% from recycled materials.
100% recycled Products
Klaimet – for climate, environment and people
Our products are made 100% of recycled materials - now and always. By choosing our product you join our journey towards sustainable textile industry. Klaimet trademark is an combination of sustainable values and high quality.
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