Made 100% of
Recycled Materials.

For a better future.

We strive for a sustainability and more pure nature. Our mission is to change consuming by replacing one garment at a time.

Consumers have an increasing need to address plastic pollution and desire for sustainably produced clothes.

Sustainable manufacturing solutions are the key to protect our future.

Take care of the environment.


Making a change to what you wear.

We provide clothes made 100% of recycled materials.  

For companies and consumers.

Klaimet is a clothing brand for everyone.

Stay tuned

We are releasing our new collection later this year.

We are currently developing our new collection of 100% recycled clothes. We expect to release our brand new models in summer 2019.


We want to keep the delicate ecosystems of our planet in balance.


All clothes made 100% of recycled materials.

Saves water

When clothes are made from recycled materials, no water required to grow cotton.


Our vision is to achieve a greener future.

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